Filtrex s.r.l. was founded on March 30th 1977. With more than forty years of experience in the filtration of Lube Oil, Fuel Oil, Hydrocarbon and Water, FILTREX is one of the world’s leader manufacturer of Filtration Technology for Refinery, Off-Shore, Ballast Water, Marine, and Industrial applications.
Since 1977 Filtrex has made substantial research and developments in the field of filtration, showing its innovative approach and focus on the different requirements of the world market, and achieving constant growth.

Filtrex’s innovative and unique filtration technology finds a large application in the hydrocarbons processes of the petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants. In 1986 Filtrex provided their first self cleaning, skid mounted ACR filter to one of the most important Eastern Europe refineries.
Since the year 2000, the main licensors of refinery processes have shown their interest in Filtrex’s filtration technology, in particular its ACR filter. Filtrex has formed long term collaboration with such licensors, becoming a trusted partner and a preferred, recommended supplier.

Filtrex has always continued to invest in R&D and new production capacity. In 2009 Filtrex moved the entire production in its new larger manufacturing plant which has new advanced highly automated systems such as CNC machines and Robots.
In order to meet the needs of water and seawater filtration, Filtrex has also developed and successfully commercialized the ACB automatic filters. Several tests have been successfully performed together with the customers in independent laboratories/testing facilities witnessed by the major Certification Authority. Today the ACB filters are the preferred choice of sea water filtration on ship.
Filtrex believes that the key to growth and success is its research and developments and its commitment to supply state of the art products.