GTI Solutions provides a full range of engineering services to include:

  • Process model validation
  • Revamp evaluations for increased capacity
  • Divided wall column design and evaluation
  • Energy solutions
  • Troubleshooting and benchmarking
  • EPC services
  • CFD analysis associated with mass transfer equipment

Field Services

GTI Solutions offers field services in relation to pressure vessel internals installation. Depending on the country where the field work is located, this may involve either site supervision or advisors up to a full turnkey installation and equipment service. Site Services Personnel have experience with equipment manufactured by any vendor and the expertise to solve many installation issues that can occur to keep turn-arounds on schedule.
Site services experts have experience not only with GTI solutions equipment but for most major OEM suppliers and can install any of the equipment listed below:-

  • Conventional trys
  • High capacity trays
  • Structured packing
  • Random packing
  • Gas Inlet-devices
  • Collector and chimney trays

Using our past experience, we stock sufficient hardware and material to meet our client”s emergency needs and ensure expedited delivery on global basis.