Our principal highly experienced team has executed many revamp projects in accordance to API 550 and 530 for performance enhancement of the furnace such as:

  • Providing spare parts like finned tubes etc
  • Re-tubing of heaters
  • Troubleshooting performance issues
  • Conducting efficiency studies
  • Providing heater revamps for improved efficiency and de-bottlenecking programs
  • Upgrading burners based upon new technology to increase fuel efficiencies and reduce emissions
  • Refractory repairs in older heaters, etc.

We have deep experience in executing fixed-price retrofits and revamp projects involving replacement or upgrades of existing furnace units including with low and ultra-low-NOx burners.

We also provide system evaluation and process simulation and modeling for heater and process design, along with mechanical and structural engineering, and construction supervision.

Typical Revamp will include the following activities:

  • Establish Project revamp objectives
  • Develop multiple solutions to meet objectives
  • Budget cost estimate
  • Quantify pay-back of each solution
  • Cost savings, emissions, reliability improvements
  • Evaluate risks
  • Revamp duration, existing equipment condition
  • Revamp vs New Heater
  • Select a design

Efficiency Improvements

Primary objective is to improve efficiency and capacity while reducing emissions.

For fired heaters:

  • Burner Technology
  • Draft Control
  • Air Pre-heaters
  • Convection Section Upgrades
  • Operator training

Our developed design of components for modularized construction method to allow a shorter duration and lower cost.