One of the most common performance problems with air-cooled heat exchangers is underperformance due to airborne contaminants fouling the air side of the finned tubes. Hudson’s proprietary dry cleaning system does not use harsh foams, chemicals, water, or detergents that can damage your fins and mechanicals.

Hudson’s cleaning system allows the ability to clean induced draft air-cooled heat exchanger online while the fans will need to be shutdown in a forced draft unit. Also, tube fouling occurs from the bottom side of the tubes and unlike foams and detergents, Hudson’s system cleans from the bottom (air-side) and not from the top down. Therefore, our system is more effective in cleaning where the actual fouling is located. Also, our system is safe, environmentally friendly, non-destructive to the equipment, and proven to be the most effective in the industry at restoring unit performance. Cleaning services can be offered on a routine maintenance schedule to ensure continuous performance.

Hudson does not recommend using foams, chemicals, detergents, or water as these methods may damage mechanicals or the tubes, and may cause scaling that could affect thermal performance of the equipment.

  • Dry cleaning will remove all atmospheric contaminants that acts as a restriction to airflow and also remove scaling the tubes that acts as an insulation.
  • The method involves blasting tubes with abrasive blast media which will break the contaminants into smaller components and thereby can be removed as a part of the blast media exhaust.
  • The pressure and flow rate is controlled in such a way that the contaminants are pulverized and removed without causing any harm to the tubes.

  • No water necessary
  • No risk of accidents due to heat stress
  • No Risk of accidents with running fans
  • No high pressure application anymore as the working pressure is low (5‐6 Bar) so no damages to fins as in case of foams, detergents, chemicals, and high pressure cleaning.
  • No production losses as on line cleaning (while fans are running) – On Induced draft unit only
  • No more lengthy motor isolation procedures
  • No scaffolding or wooden boards required
  • No risk of damage of fins as no walking on fins at all anymore as we stay under the finned tube bundle
  • No or limited housekeeping is required
  • No damage on mechanical equipment such as pumps, e‐motors, bearings
  • No EEC classification for transportation or storage
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Dissolves in water
  • Nontoxic and biodegradable formulation : no treatment of the liquid waste is required
  • Removes dust, oil, soot, pollen, and other contaminants