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OnQuest Canada ULC (formerly, Born Heaters Canada ULC) have performed successful furnace designs and supplied world-class direct-fired heaters to some of the largest oil companies, refiners, and petrochemical companies in the world.

We design and deliver burner management controls—including self-contained custom skids, as well as safety systems, and environmental applications. And we offer a complete range of furnace replacement parts.

Direct-fired heaters operate successfully at facilities worldwide, and are used in a wide range of specialized process applications. But they consume significant amounts of energy, and variables including feed-stock costs, furnace temperature, flow-rate and pressure will affect operating efficiency—and the bottom line.

Optimizing direct-fired heaters is therefore vitally important. And as combustion and heat-transfer technologies evolve, plant engineers, managers and operations personnel need to stay abreast of changes.

Since 1939, Hudson Products Corp. has designed and manufactured air-cooled heat exchanger equipment to serve the oil, gas and petrochemical processing industries.
Through continuous innovation, Hudson Products became the pioneer in this field, developing internationally recognized trademarks such as Fin-Fan® Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers, Hy-Fin® Extruded Finned Tubing, and Tuf-Lite® and Tuf-Lite II® and III® FRP Axial Flow Fans for air coolers and cooling towers.

All air-cooled heat exchangers are custom designed by our experienced heat transfer and mechanical engineers in accordance with customer requirements and industry standards such as ASME, API and ISO.

DiBeasley, Texas, plant near Houston, Hudson’s primary production facilities are located on a 125-acre site near Houston, Texas, housing the capability to manufacture every component of an air-cooled heat exchanger, including finned tubes, tube bundles and FRP axial flow fans, as well as associated structural and mechanical components.

Research and product development continues to be a top priority, and Hudson maintains its own wind tunnel; heat transfer, fan airflow and noise testing facilities, so that our customers enjoy complete confidence in our performance guarantees.
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Axial Flow Fans are one of the most critical components in any air-blast cooling system, including Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, Vacuum Steam Condensers, Oil Coolers, Radiators, Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers. The newly design TUF-LITE III fans for Air Cooler applications made out of fiberglass construction instead of conventional aluminum material.
With regard to the upcoming future requirements of energy saving and efficient cooling performance, Hudson fans are widely used in Oil and Gas Industry as it has unique profiled blade to deliver more air flow in order to achieve higher cooling rate with compare to aluminum flat profile blades.

Hudson Products Corporation is the only company in the world who makes their own fans and that too with fiberglass material of construction since 1939.
No product from Hudson claims for non-performance -EVER. The company has a more than 70 years of track record and there are 200,000 Axial Flow Fans installed in over 100 countries.

Patels Airtemp was incorporated in 1973. It fused technical expertise with innovative to achieve a remarkable growth and an efficacious nationwide presence. The growth saga was further strengthened in 1993, when it became a Limited entity and thus was born, Patels Airtemp (India) Limited.

PAT was the result of the conscious and dedicated efforts of a team of committed Engineers and Promoter – Directors. As experienced of over three decades in the field of design and manufacturing was instrumental in its upbringing. Today, PAT stands proudly as one of the leading manufacturers of high quality engineering products.

Expansion facilitated PAT to concentrate on a much wider range of products that include

Heat Exchanger (Shell and Tube Type – Finned Tube Type)
Columns and Pressure Vessels
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning equipment
HVAC Projects (Turnkey Projects)

Spread over 45,000 squares meter of land with a covered area of 6,100 square meters; PAT has attained a key position as one of the leading suppliers to the core industrial sectorsFor Further details visit

Northern Blower is one of the most progressive industrial fan companies in North America. We are committed to the manufacture of an excellent product and the provision of outstanding customer service.

• Custom Fans

Northern Blower’s substantial reputation was built on its ability to design and adapt products specifically for the needs of customers with very particular requirements.
From relatively common API 560 and API 673 specification conformance, to out-of-the-ordinary dual-fan unitary base design complete with fiberglass deck structure, Northern Blower has demonstrated the engineering ability to create unique fan solutions.

• Centrifugal Fans

Northern Blower centrifugal fans are specifically designed for challenging industrial processes.
Whether its high or low volume, high or low pressure, high or low temperature, clean or dirty gas streams, erosive or corrosive environments, Northern Blower has thousands of available centrifugal fan designs for infinite applications.

Airfoil • Backward Inclined • Backward Curved • High-Pressure Airfoil • Radial Blade • Radial Tip • Inline Centrifugal • Square Housing • Plenum • Plug • Material Handling • Vent Sets • Pressure Blowers

• Axial Fans

Northern Blower’s axial fans are designed to provide general ventilation in industrial process applications.
These fans can be constructed from a variety of materials, including aluminum and stainless steel, making them particularly suitable for difficult environments.

• Vaneaxial
• Tubeaxial
• Roof Exhausters
• Panel Fans

Filtrex s.r.l. was founded on March 30th 1977. With more than forty years of experience in the filtration of Lube Oil, Fuel Oil, Hydrocarbon and Water, FILTREX is one of the world’s leader manufacturer of Filtration Technology for Refinery, Off-Shore, Ballast Water, Marine, and Industrial applications.

Since 1977 Filtrex has made substantial research and developments in the field of filtration, showing its innovative approach and focus on the different requirements of the world market, and achieving constant growth.

Filtrex’s innovative and unique filtration technology finds a large application in the hydrocarbons processes of the petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants. In 1986 Filtrex provided their first self cleaning, skid mounted ACR filter to one of the most important Eastern Europe refineries.

Since the year 2000, the main licensors of refinery processes have shown their interest in Filtrex’s filtration technology, in particular its ACR filter. Filtrex has formed long term collaboration with such licensors, becoming a trusted partner and a preferred, recommended supplier.

Filtrex has always continued to invest in R&D and new production capacity. In 2009 Filtrex moved the entire production in its new larger manufacturing plant which has new advanced highly automated systems such as CNC machines and Robots.

In order to meet the needs of water and seawater filtration, Filtrex has also developed and successfully commercialized the ACB automatic filters. Several tests have been successfully performed together with the customers in independent laboratories/testing facilities witnessed by the major Certification Authority. Today the ACB filters are the preferred choice of sea water filtration on ship.
Filtrex believes that the key to growth and success is its research and developments and its commitment to supply state of the art products.

GTI Solutions is a process equipment and technology company committed to providing innovative mass transfer equipment and solutions to the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries. Our expertise in process design, engineering, and manufacturing allow us to deliver the most cost effective quality products for all your mass transfer applications.

GTI Solutions is a process equipment and technology company committed to providing innovative mass transfer equipment and solutions to the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries. Our expertise in process design, engineering, and manufacturing allow us to deliver the most cost effective quality products for all your mass transfer applications.

Equipment GTI Solutions offers a full portfolio of mass transfer equipment covering both trays and packings to include both conventional and high performance devices.

• Conventional trays
• G-HPT™ high performance trays
• Structured packing
• Random packing
• Other tower internals
• Separation equipments

Teledyne Monitor Labs (TML) is a leading supplier of environmental monitoring Instrumentation, systems and software. It has more than 40 year’s global experience in the design and manufacture of continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS), process monitoring, industrial sensors and instruments, ambient monitoring and software. Our services and products serve the following industries: power generation, oil/gas refining, petrochemical, cement, lime, pulp and paper, steel, chemical, and agriculture.
As an operating company of TELEDYNE Technologies, who is recognized as a world-wide leader in providing technological solutions for over 40 years, our long-standing reputation for technical excellence has been founded in systems engineering resulting in a worldwide reputation for dependability and quality.

Teledyne Monitor Labs’ dependability and quality is enhanced by successful ISO 9001, 2015std registration.
TML guarantees CEMS certification, at least 95% uptime, and a lower cost of ownership and superior product reliability. TML’s monitoring systems are based on rugged, reliable equipment manufactured to exacting standards. The result is products and systems with some of the highest mean time between failure rates in the industry.

•Continuous Emission
•Monitoring Systems
•Standard Extractive
•Dilution Extractive

Flow Monitors
•UltraFlow 150
•DeltaFlow® 180

Gas Monitors

Opacity Monitors
• LightHawk®

Particulate Monitors
• LaserHawk®
• LaserHawk® 360P

• RegPerfect®

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