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Heater Training

Customized Curricula For Engineers And Operating Personnel

Direct-fired heaters operate successfully at facilities worldwide, and are used in a wide range of specialized process applications. But they consume significant amounts of energy, and variables including feed-stock costs, furnace temperature, flow-rate and pressure will affect operating efficiency—and the bottom line.

Optimizing direct-fired heaters is therefore vitally important. And as combustion and heat-transfer technologies evolve, plant engineers, managers and operations personnel need to stay abreast of changes.

OnQuest offers intensive two- and three-day training courses on the design, operation, and maintenance and upgrading of direct-fired heaters.

Mastering the Direct-Fired Heater: 3-Day Course for Engineers

OnQuest's three-day Direct-Fired Heater Training Course is intended for experienced managers, for process, production, mechanical, maintenance, and instrumentation engineers, and for senior supervisors and superintendents, trainee process engineering trainees, inspectors, plant operators and at petrochemical refineries and gas processing facilities.

Taught by OnQuest's Roger Newnham, C. Eng., F.I.Mech.E, Eur.Eng., and author of Direct-Fired Heaters: A Practical Guide to their Design and Operation, this three-day course is designed to help plant engineers better understand the function of direct-fired heaters. The course focuses on the most common design types, considering fuel type, combustion chemistry, heat transfer and release, combustion air supply and control, and mechanical factors including burners, refractory, tube design, and corrosion and fouling mitigation. It also reviews techniques to improve efficiency, operate safely and meet emission guidelines.

Fundamentals of Direct-Fired Heaters: 2-Day Course for Operators

OnQuest's two-day Direct-Fired Heater Training Course for Operators,also taught by Roger Newnham, is intended for facility operators, managers, and supervisory personnel at petrochemical refineries and gas processing facilities. Newnham's second book in his three-part Direct-Fired Heaters series is the Operator Training Manual that forms the core of this training class curriculum.

This two-day course is specifically designed to help plant operators better understand the function of direct-fired heaters, explaining the principles of combustion, the characteristics of different designs, and methods of operations, including important controls and guidelines to optimize and improve heater efficiency. It also reviews techniques to operate more safely and meet emission guidelines.

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