Sponsoring Technology Services And Equipment To The Petroleum Industry

Heat Exchanger & Tube Bundle

Industrial Manufacturers has been manufacturing various process equipment and other critical fabrication items at its shops in Mumbai, India, to the satisfaction of its customers for the past 44 years.

Industrial Manufacturers have worked with all critical metals like Monel, Incolloy, Low Aluminum,Clad Steel.


PRESSURE VESSELS: incl. high pressure vessels such as: Autoclaves, Reactors with or without agitator, Dearatoros, Jacketed Vessel, And Limpet Coil Vessel PROCESS HEAT EXCHANGERS: Shell & Tube and others Condensers, Coolers, Heaters, Reboilers, Desuper heaters, Double Pipe, Chillers, Evaporators, Waste Heat Boilers, Surface Condenser COLUMNS: All types of distillation columns & tower including absorbers, separators etc. Types of design: Sieve plate, Bubble caps, Packed, Perforate.

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