Sponsoring Technology Services And Equipment To The Petroleum Industry

Direct Fired Heater

OnQuest and OnQuest Canada have performed successful furnace designs and supplied world-class direct-fired heaters to some of the largest oil companies, refiners, and petrochemical companies in the world.

We also have deep experience in executing fixed-price retrofits and revamp projects involving replacement or upgrades of existing furnace units—including with low- and ultra-low-NOx burners.

We also provide system evaluation and process simulation and modeling for heater and process design, along with mechanical and structural engineering, and construction supervision. We design and deliver burner management controls—including self-contained custom skids, as well as safety systems, and environmental applications. And we offer a complete range of furnace replacement parts.

Direct-fired heaters operate successfully at facilities worldwide, and are used in a wide range of specialized process applications. But they consume significant amounts of energy, and variables including feed-stock costs, furnace temperature, flow-rate and pressure will affect operating efficiency—and the bottom line.

Optimizing direct-fired heaters is therefore vitally important. And as combustion and heat-transfer technologies evolve, plant engineers, managers and operations personnel need to stay abreast of changes.

OnQuest offers intensive two- and three-day training courses on the design, operation, and maintenance and upgrading of direct-fired heaters.

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