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Burner Management System

Improving Burner Safety and Efficiency

The emphasis on safety in the design and operation of direct-fired heaters has steadily increased in the last two decades—and the technology relating to electronic control and automated operation of burners has evolved with it. With increased opportunity to fine-tune burners, plant engineers can not only increase safety but can also improve efficiency and lower fuel costs.

For most companies, the API 560 standard is now mandatory and is used as a baseline, with individual companies imposing their own requirements. But the degree of the adoption of formal codes and safety systems varies significantly and most operating companies still have their own standard, which may vary from one facility to another. It is not unusual for adjacent heaters built two years apart to have a different burner management system design.

OnQuest specializes in the design, production, and implementation of state-of-the-art burner management systems and combustion control solutions for fired heaters in the process industries. Providing safe and efficient control of combustion is our core business, and we are at the forefront of the evolution in BMS. Intimate knowledge of heater design and operation is required to maximize any one heater's reliability without adversely affecting its safety. That detailed knowledge informs our BMS design work.

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