Sponsoring Technology Services And Equipment To The Petroleum Industry


CANTAR represents foreign companies in Qatar and UAE and our core expertise is in the field of Equipment for Energy Industries. We represent equipment package suppliers and provide many services like, Sales, Project Management, expediting, local sourcing and Installation supervision. We provide installation supervision to our principles for Direct Fired Heaters, Furnaces, Waste Heat Recovery Units and related combustion and process technology and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers for clients in Oil Refining, Petrochemical, and Power Generation Industry. Our Principles develop and design components for modularized construction with methods that allow shorter completion times and lower costs. Our highly experienced team has executed many revamp projects for performance enhancement of the furnace such as:

- Improve thermal efficiency.
- Safety compliance to NFPA codes using PLC Based BMS.
- Emissions using the latest NOx reduction technology.
- Metallurgical upgrading of Tubes and fittings.
- Resolving capacity bottlenecks.
- Increase in operation performance.
- Enhance Fuel efficiency.
- Avoid flame impingement.
- Improvements to the process pressure drop, flue gas draft and refractory.

Project costing for revamps and retrofits is also strength of our experienced revamp team. We base our cost estimates on a practical assessment of potential field costs for the project scope, relying on our significant experience in this type of work.

We also offer following services to line of our products:

- Feasibility Studies
- Economical Evaluation
- HAZOP Studies - Operator Training