Sponsoring Technology Services And Equipment To The Petroleum Industry

Welcome To CANTAR!

CANTAR is heavily engaged in the Energy business and its associated industries by representing world class technological companies and their products, providing specialized services to our valued customers in fields such as: Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemical, Power Industries and other Oil, Gas, and Energy business in UAE and the entire Gulf Region.

CANTAR has engineering capabilities to offer total solutions to clients in these sectors, and will closely monitor projects with our principles to help ensure the needs of our clients are met.

Mission Statement

CANTAR is focused on one mission - to be a key player in the Oil, Gas, and Energy business in which we operate, providing total solutions and adding value to every aspect of our performance.


To realize our vision for growth and success, through:

- Defining new business opportunities, which complement our business objectives.
- Value adding to each business.
- Expanding our existing network through: strategic alliances and joint ventures.

Our Products & Services

  • Direct Fired Heater

  • Fin Fan cooler

  • Axial Flow Fans

  • Burner Management System

  • Heater Training

  • Heat Exchanger

  • Restoration of Condenser & Heat Exchanger